Wave Pool re-opens

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You may remember the sad story of four-year-old Carlos Alejandro Flores who drowned after being left unattended in the Great Barrier Reef wave pool at the Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, California. The accident happened on July 12th and the wave pool has remained closed ever since (including the day we were there for my company's picnic.)

This last weekend, however, the pool re-opened with some new rules in place. From now on, all children less than 48 inches tall will be required to wear a life vest and kids under 42 inches will have to be accompanied by an adult. In addition, the Department of Industrial Relations issued its own new rules, including that all inner tubes must be transparent and that Great America must develop policies for reducing the number of people in the pool.

While this is probably the best one could hope for, I don't think these rules will replace the need for parental supervision. In fact, Jared, at five years old, is nearly 48 inches tall -- he was 46 at his doctor appointment in April. I wouldn't let him go in the wave pool alone, even with a life vest, and he's turning into a pretty good swimmer. I truly hope that no one sees these rules as guidelines and thinks it okay to let a tall-but-still young child go in the pool alone.

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