Designer pajamas for kids?

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Ellie is in to fashion. She has very distinct ideas about her 'look' and spends a lot of time putting outfits together. I don't even try to buy her clothes without her input anymore - what I pick out almost always ends up being returned. But there is one item of clothing that she still allows me to select for her - pajamas. I guess she figures there is no need to make a fashion statement after the sun goes down.

But apparently, some parents think plain nightgowns or pajamas sets aren't enough and are buying their children premium pajamas. I didn't know such a thing existed, but this article not only exposes the world of pricey pajamas, but speculates on why parents would buy them.

Françoise Shirley owns, a pricey pajama store popular with Hollywood moms. She thinks that shelling out lots of money on sleepwear goes hand in hand with the hyper-parenting we see elsewhere. "The expectations appear to be higher than ever for your child to achieve academically, socially, athletically starting at a very young age. So we as parents want to give them all the tools necessary to do that, so that may include piano lessons at 2, dance lessons at 3, soccer at 4 and along the way the best of the best in everything from food to clothing."

I guess there is nothing wrong with spending lots of money on pajamas for your kids if you can afford it. But to me, it sounds a little like showing off when Tina Lignell, mother of 2-year-old twin girls, talks about the impression her visitors have when they get a look at her kids' fancy sleepwear. "My guests always go wild about the PJs," she says.

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