Jessica Alba to grade school bully: "Look at me now!"

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Remember that total jerk from the 2nd grade who pushed you around and called you names? I do. Man, I hated that guy. I used to spend hours dreaming of the day when I'd be big, famous and important and I could finally say to him -- "Ha! I'm awesome, and you suck!"

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, most of us never get the chance to do that, and have to convince ourselves that we're "over it," because we're "grown-ups." But obviously some people do get famous, and some of them -- believe it or not -- were not the most well-liked or attractive people when they were children. These celebrities are in a unique position to offer a little payback to those little jerks that made grade school a living hell.

Take Jessica Alba, for instance. Not only was she recently discovered to have the "world's sexiest wiggle" by a group of Cambridge mathematicians, the actress was also voted "female hottie" at Sunday's Teen Choice awards. In her acceptance speech, she revealed to the crowd that "I was pigeon-toed, had a sway back, was slightly cross-eyed, buck-toothed, I sucked my thumb." Alba then dedicated her award to Ross, a boy she had a crush on in grade school, but who didn't love her in return. "Look at me now, Ross," she shouted to the crowd, "Look at me now!"

I bet that guy is kicking himself really hard.

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