Leona Helmsley leaves $12 million for dog, nothing for grandkids

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Leona Helmsley was an interesting woman. Nothing if not eccentric, the hotel mogul has apparently left her dog -- a white Maltese named Trouble -- $12 million in her will. And, after the prized canine's life of luxury finally comes to end, her mortal remains will spend eternity resting in the family mausoleum -- right next to her billionaire owner.

What's even weirder, is that Helmsley left far less to her two favorite grandchildren ($5 million each) -- and neither will get anything if they don't visit their father's grave at least once every calendar year. The hotelier was even less generous with her other two grandkids, leaving them absolutely nothing. Zero. Maybe if they buddy up to Trouble, the precocious pooch will leave them a little something when she finally leaves us for that big dog park in the sky.

Not that anyone wants to sit around thinking about death, but have you thought about what you'd leave to your kids (and grandkids, if applicable) if your number were to suddenly come up? Could you imagine leaving more to the family pet than to blood relatives?

Obviously Helmsley and her grandchildren didn't get along, but no how much they hated her when she was alive, I can only imagine it's worse now that she snubbed them for a dog.

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