Elementary school bans tag on the playground

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Ellie didn't have such a great day at school yesterday. Some kids laughed at her when she spilled water on herself, the cafeteria lunch offering was inedible and a boy got a little rough on the playground and 'sort of' punched her. The playground incident involved a game of freeze tag and I feel sure it was not intentional - it hurt her feelings more than anything. But we talked about it and she's over it.

If she went to school at Discovery Canyon Campus in Colorado Springs, she wouldn't have to deal with the hazards of playing tag on the playground. They've banned the game after some students complained of being chased against their will and feeling harassed. "It causes a lot of conflict on the playground," said Cindy Fesgen, the assistant principal at the school.

In fact, to avoid squabbles, the school has prohibited any game that involves chasing. I don't know that I agree with this banning of games that might lead to conflict. I always thought the purpose of recess was two-fold: to get kids out in the fresh air for exercise, and to allow them some unstructured time in the 'real world' of the playground. Part of the real world is dealing with conflict and working out your differences. I am sure it's not fun for the teachers to referee these squabbles, but isn't that just part of life?

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