What do you think of Attachment Parenting?

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There's an interview up at ParentWonder.com with Dave Taylor, of the attachment parenting blog APparenting.com, which got me thinking about my days as a brand-new mom.

It's been a while, nearly 9 years. Back then, the idea of sleeping with your baby, or wearing them in Baby Bjorns or slings--things most often associated with Attachment Parenting (AP)--weren't particularly commonplace. I remember wearing Carter in a sling through the busy Salt Lake City airport, and the number of looks and comments I received made me turn to my husband Tom and ask, "What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?"

But for the most part, I happily embraced it all, because it felt right to me as a new mama, and since I was very much finding-my-way-as-I-went, it seemed like the only thing I could do.

Fast forward 4 years and when the twins arrived, it was much more difficult to AP. Someone was always wearing a baby--it just wasn't always me. Each baby got breast milk--only sometimes, it came from a bottle. They were on a schedule, from being in the NICU. They had bedtimes and nap times at regular intervals. Like I mentioned, there were many more hands than just mine caring for them. And it was terrific: the babies thrived, and it took a lot of the pressure off of me.

These days, I don't hear much about AP v. traditional parenting. Is it just because I'm out of the baby loop, or is it because like me with the twins, parents have decided to take and use the best of both worlds?

Thanks to Abel for the links and Ladyheart for the photo.

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