Can kids teach their parents CPR?

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It's always nice to be able to share something positive with you. Generally here at ParentDish you read about how parents are trying to positively influence their children, but according to this recent report children may be able to influence their parents as well.

According to Reuters, a recent study conducted in Denmark concluded 7th graders sent home with CPR training materials may be able to teach their parents CPR. Seventh graders are old enough to understand the specifics but less reluctant to demonstrate the technique than teenagers. Children this age are generally thought to have a parent or relative in the 40-50 age group who is likely to suffer from cardiac arrest.

The seventh graders were sent home with resuscitation kits including training DVDs and CPR mannequins. The results of the study showed that these students taught CPR to an average of 2.5 people.

Imagine if every seventh grader in the world were able to teach at least two people the fundamentals of CPR! The lives saved would be innumerable.

I also think the drama and emotion of having to give CPR is a little less with kids this age. I know when I took an infant CPR class I was terrified almost to the point of tears thinking that anything could happen to my baby. It was almost too hard for some parents in the class to handle the emotional side of having to give CPR, so much so that some of us found it difficult to absorb the fundamentals.

If this study proves anything, it's that children can affect their parents easily as much as we affect our children. And that's a good thing!

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