No pooping in the pool

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When Ellie and I go to our neighborhood pool, I always see a few diapered kids wading in the shallow end or floating in tubes. I admit it grosses me out just a little. I mean, if a kid is wearing a diaper, that means that kid doesn't use a potty. Not using a potty means going whenever and wherever the urge strikes, including the pool. I guess the diaper would keep anything solid from escaping into the water, but you know there is going to be some leakage.

Apparently, this leakage has become such a concern in Utah that some counties have banned children under five years of age from swimming in public pools. This year, that state has had 422 cases of swimmers contracting the parasite cryptosporidium, which causes severe diarrhea. The parasite is found in soil, food, water or surfaces that have been contaminated by human or animal feces.

Experts blame the unusually hot summer for the outbreak. More kids, more poop, I guess. And little kids, besides being more likely to poop in the pool are also more susceptible to the illness. But this temporary ban has me wondering why kids in diapers are allowed in public pools in the first place. The parent has no control - sooner or later, the kid is going to poop in the pool. And if this puts other swimmers at risk, why is it allowed?

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