Adieu to an old friend

Long-time readers of this blog will know that Rachel Mosteller is a talented writer with a voice that rings true and a talent for capturing the absurdity of parenthood with a large dose of belly-laughter. What you might not know is that Rachel is the longest-running writer we have at ParentDish -- she started in April 2006, just a few days before I came on board. Rachel is funny and bold and when she phoned me up at home one night out of the blue, I was shocked to hear that she had a real-live Texas twang -- I think I've only ever heard one on TV. Sweet.

When I went through a rough life patch, she sent me a homemade card that made me weepy with gratitude and now resides in my treasure box. We ParentDish writers email each other all the time: grumbling, moaning, laughing and conspiring. Rachel always contributed the saltiest comments. She is a unique, soft, gutsy, hilarious woman and I can't quite imagine life at ParentDish without her.

I had opportunity to meet Rachel earlier this year and was impressed by her quiet but strong demeanor, her willingness to say exactly what she thought in an intelligent and thoughtful way. I could learn from her.

Rachel will be leaving us for a fantastic opportunity to work at Cookie Magazine. We'll be following her stuff as closely as possible and hope she won't be a stranger around here. Won't be the same around here without you, SJ.


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