Charlotte Church needs new girl name

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Welsh singer, Charlotte Church has to go back to the drawing board for a new girl name for her unborn child, due in just a couple of weeks. Because British television personality Myleene Klass just named her newborn Ava, Church feels that she needs to select another.

Apparently Charlotte wasn't aware of Ava's popularity across the pond. American celebrities Reese Witherspoon, Heather Locklear, and Kevin Dillon (from Entourage) all have daughters named Ava. And according to the highly addictive Baby Name Wizard, Ava ranked as the 5th most popular girl name in the United States last year.

If Church wants a unique name, she has one with her choice for a boy. The popularity of "Lucius" peaked in the U.S. during the 1890's and hasn't been in the top one thousand since the 1950s.

I'm pretty sure that one won't be stolen from her!

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