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I know, I know, I know--we've heard it all before. Take care of yourself. Do something nice for yourself. think about you for a change. As parents we are constantly reminded of these suggestions, but do any of us ever really take them seriously? I know I didn't. And now I'm sick.

The joke there is that I can't crawl into bed and sleep all day anymore, or linger in the shower unnecessarily. I can't ignore the rest of the world and pump myself full of medication (not that I ever did). As a parent, and a new one no less, I am on 24/7, every day of the year. I'm like church--always open.

So when I don't take care of myself by getting enough sleep, taking my vitamins, eating healthfully, and exercising, I get sick. And then I feel like crap. And there's nothing I can do about it.

There's nothing like a screaming baby when you have a headache. Neither seems like it will ever stop pounding. Eventually, of course, both do, but why put yourself through something like that if you can avoid it?

I know how I got sick--I just started a new job in a dusty office I am in the process of cleaning. That will do it every time. I'm also trying to run a marathon, the training for which is grueling, especially given the recent heat and humidity. Plus I'm stressed about sending the baby off to daycare and me off to the new job,

I try to sleep as much as possible, but if I get the requisite sleep I practically never see my husband, He's also training for the marathon, working full-time and taking two classes a week to get his masters.

I wonder what kind of lessons we're teaching our son by taking on so much--too much? Probably. And that's probably why I got sick.

So, take it from me, when someone tells you to think about yourself, take care of yourself, etc., just do it. Please. Do it for me. Take an extra nap--find the time. Hire a sitter if you have to.

Eat properly. With the weather changing everyone's allergies are set to come back in full force. Just because you got away with not getting sick last year doesn't mean your kid won't bring home something new to give you.

And, try to relax. I know that's a real joke--I don't think I'm relaxed even when I sleep!--but try to calm down, rest and take it easy for an hour. So the dishes sit in the sink overnight. If that's your worst offense I wouldn't worry about it.

I'm actually starting to feel better now after two whole days of feeling miserable. And I've learned my lesson. No matter how I feel, the breastfeeding and the pumping and everything else mommy-esque must carry on. And those are things I love doing, so I want to do them well.

That sentiment alone should be enough for anyone to take care.

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