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Ellie loves to go online to websites where she can play games, be a fashion designer or maybe print out pages to color or paint. For the past year, we've pretty much stuck to the same few sites that we visit again and again. When she asks me where else she can go besides and, I usually don't have much to offer. We have done some searching and found a few new sites, but mostly what we located on our own was pretty disappointing.

She doesn't know it yet, but I just found a fantastic site listing 50 different kid-friendly websites that offer everything from animal fun to virtual worlds. compiled this list and divided it into helpful categories. Look in the Books category to find links to Where's Waldo and Dr. Seuss. The Learn category has links to educational sites like Brain Juice and Fact Monster. There are also sites for coloring games, puzzles, even homework help. Good stuff!

The site even provides a kid-friendly link page with logo pictures so the little ones can get there on their own. Look around the site a little - I found a simple Firefox add-on that will come in handy for restricting just where Ellie goes when she's surfing on her own.

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