Finally! Summer is over!

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I know my children don't feel as elated about the end of summer as I do, their daily groans as they mourn the end of summer are evidence to this. But I am so giddy that I can hardly wait to deposit them all at their school entrances. For today I will have approximately four hours to myself. All three of my children start school today: my oldest heads off to high school, my middle will start 5th grade and my youngest returns to preschool. And the break will be much appreciated.

What will I do with that time? How will I possibly cope if I don't have to pick somebody up, plan a play date or find the Toy Story II DVD that has somehow been squished into the VCR slot? Well, to begin I am planning to work in peace without any interruptions. Then I will likely do some laundry and realize that it is almost time to begin the pick up routine. But somewhere in between the work and picking up I will likely begin to miss my brood. My youngest won't be climbing up on my computer chair to give me a hug. The middle child won't be there to tell me she loves me and the oldest won't be around to give me a hug when I sigh. It will be then that I will forget the frustrations of trying to work from home during the summer months. I will recall the late afternoon giggles, the staying up late and watching movies and the late breakfasts of bacon and pancakes. And I will drive just a bit faster to pick them up from school. Is there any middle ground in motherhood?

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