New reality show features teens babysitting infants

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Reality television has truly crossed a line of decency. First there was the CBS show "Kid Nation", that despite not yet being released, has created all sorts of drama regarding child labor laws and child safety while 40 children were left to their own devices in a sort of New Mexico "Lord of the Flies" scenario. If that wasn't bad enough, now NBC is finishing up production on a show called "Baby Borrowers". The series is a take off on a British show of the same name.

In the show teen couples are required to babysit children of various ages in order to determine their success as couples and parents. They teens are first given an infant, then a toddler, followed by a young child, then a teen, a young adult and, finally, an elderly person. The couples on the NBC series are all 18 and are interested in becoming parents. The real parents of the children involved are allowed to stop the filming at any time if they believe their children are in any sort of danger.

Becoming a parent is no small choice. While I commend these young couples for participating in a project to determine whether or not they are fit parents, I believe the venue is inappropriate. Perhaps they should just grow up and then become parents rather than do it in front of viewers and get paid for it. What do you think? Too weird or cool reality television?

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