Not just another child-left-in-car story

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Okay, we've all heard the stories... Mom or dad either forget they have the kid with them or just don't care and go inside, leaving the child in a hot car. Sometimes, the kid survives but far too often, the outcome is not so positive. These are sad stories and, generally, I don't see much point in relating them except as a reminder to never, ever leave a child in a car.

This story, however, is not your run of the mill child-in-a-hot-car story. Sure, father-of-the-year Lucien Hoffman, who hails from Bend, Oregon, left his two-year-old daughter in the car. Sure, the car was parked in the Nevada desert in 95 degree heat. What makes this story unique, however, is that the car and the little girl were in the parking lot of the Mustang Ranch, the world famous Nevada brothel.

Hoffman told deputies he was attending a "function" at the Ranch. Uh-huh. Luckily, a security guard heard the girl crying and took her inside until authorities arrived. The girl was treated for dehydration and released to Child and Family Services. Hoffman is unmarried and shares custody with his wife, who also lives in Bend. Hoffman was being held in the local county Jail. Personally, I think it would be more appropriate to hold him in a hot car in a desert parking lot.

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