The perfect toddler crayon

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I am love to do art with Bean. I love watching him paint with wild, looping strokes across a big piece of paper, and I'll offer him nearly any art material in my studio--glue, scissors, acrylics, colored pencils--if he asks to have a go at it. However these activities, naturally, require a good deal of supervision, lest the floors or walls or his entire become covered in pigment or sticky stuff.

But crayons are good for every day creativity in those quiet moments of downtime when he's "working" along beside me as I check email or write. And we've been on the lookout for good crayons. He has several different kinds, but until now I found each to be lacking. Until Crayola Twistable Slick Stix.

Most crayons, (though not all--these are also wonderful, and and have the delicious sent of beeswax, but are NOT washable) produce the wimpiest of color. If a toddler is craving bright pigment he/she must press down hard, which leads to many broken crayons--not to mention that the just beginning to be coordinated hand of a toddler is not very good at pressing and drawing simultaneously. But the thicker dimension of the Slick Stix is perfect for beginning artists, and they are lovely to draw with--perfectly smooth and absolutely vivid.

The bonus? After Bean had made three wild pictures ("A rainbow, mama! With flashing lightening!" ) the smudges on the table wiped up with scrubby side of a sponge. Perfect.

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