Clipping lunch

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As part of the vast array of clothes, stationery, and other supplies Rachel bought for Jared to get his school year off to a good start, Jared got a new backpack and lunchbox. The two of them are a matched set from the Disney store and the lunchbox clips onto the backpack. Rachel liked this design because she felt it would make it that much more difficult to forget or lose his lunchbox.

What neither of us took into consideration was the physics of it. Jared eats a lot, so his lunch is relatively heavy. That's a lot of force sitting way out there behind him, trying to pull him over backwards. Archimedes' lever and all that. There are always a lot of stories put out around this time of year warning of the harm that overloaded backpacks can cause, but I think this may be a new twist on an old danger.

We'll have to see how it works out; mostly Jared seems to carry the whole deal by the handle atop the backpack. Has anyone else used this sort of backpack/lunchbox combination? How has it worked out in the long run?


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