Harry Potter vibrating broomstick is so much fun that is has to be recalled

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Update: as noted in the comments, this story is apparently 5-years-old. However, I'd never read it before (and am guessing that I'm not the only one), so I figured it was worth leaving up for a laugh.

A Harry Potter broomstick...that vibrates?

I'm not entirely sure why anyone thought a vibrating broomstick would be more magical than one that wasn't battery-operated, but -- as girls across the US are quickly discovering -- it can certainly be more fun. So fun, in fact, that parents have started complaining to Mattel, saying that their girls are disappearing with the broomstick for hours on end -- enjoying its "special effects."

While it may be true that the toy has "a grooved stick and handle for easy riding," I can see why it's not a big hit with moms and dads who'd prefer it if their bathrooms weren't occupied 24 hours a day.

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