It's official: toddlers are smarter than apes

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Obviously grown-up humans are smarter than our evolutionary ancestors, but what about our kids?

Researchers were curious, apparently, and felt compelled to find the answer to that very question. So they conducted an experiment in which food or a toy was placed inside a plastic tube. A demonstrator then showed both the human children and the adult apes how to open the tube and retrieve the goody. The kids followed the demonstrator's example, but the apes just sat there trying to break the thing open with their teeth.

It might seem simple, but this ability to learn through social interaction -- a skill that was far more prevalent in the toddlers -- is one of the basic reasons we're able to form societies. In fact, it's one the things that makes us human.

So there you go, your kid is smarter than the apes at the zoo. Congrats!

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