Kid saves dad's life, then asks for Playstation 3 on national TV

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Matty Lovo is one heroic young man. After his father passed out while driving his big rig, the 9-year-old grabbed the wheel, and simultaneously called for help over the CB radio.

Matty's also no dummy. When local TV stations jumped on the story, the young man declared publicly that, in return for his act of bravery, he would like a Playstation 3. (Not that his father's life wasn't reward enough, but what's the harm in pressing your luck, right?)

However, grateful though he was that his son had kept him alive, Matty's dad wasn't in a position to run out and drop hundreds of dollars on a new PS3 console (and the games, and the controllers -- it's expensive).

Sounds like a nice story with a mildly unfortunate ending, but that's when Sony (who makes the Playstation 3) came to the rescue. In honor of Matty's life-saving actions, the company donated a PS3 along with a stack of new games.

Now if that isn't a happy ending, I don't know what is.

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