Sisters visit dead mother in funeral home for ten years

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When Josephine and Valmai Lamas' mother passed away, the death report showed she died from an embolism from a leg vein thrombosis. The sisters weren't happy with this determination and asked the funeral parlor to hold off burying her until they could get another opinion. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Except that was ten years ago and Annie Valmai still has not been buried.

Her body is kept in a cold storage area at G. Saville and Sons funeral parlor in London, where the sisters visit her weekly. Says Phillip Saville, a funeral director, "We are simply acting on the family's wishes and keeping Annie 'alive' in this way, for visiting seems to be what they want to do. No health and safety violations have been breached and the corpse does not smell. There are no laws saying people can't keep a corpse for years after registering the death, though it is normal to bury the body after just two weeks."

The daughters pay the funeral parlor £20 a week for the pleasure of seeing their mother turn into a "whithered skeleton." One sister visits every Saturday at lunch time, the other comes separately to touch up her mother's makeup and replace the padding in her stomach cavity.

Some other family members have had enough, demanding that the visits cease and the mother be buried or cremated. A source within the family says, "They don't seem to think that what they're doing is in any way bizarre."

That the sisters would want to hold on to their mother, even after death, is understandable. That the funeral parlor would go along with this bizarre visitation for ten years is puzzling. Is this devotion or insanity?

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