The middle-of-the night poop dilemma

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I usually turn in sometime after 11:30, when the street lights cast silent yellow on pebbled ashvault and no one is moving but the skunks and raccoons. I pile my hair on top of my head, change into pink-striped pyjamas. if I am feeling motivated, I wash the leftover makeup off my face. I double check the screen door that backs on to our little yard, and fill Nolan's sippy cup for the morning. And the last thing I do before I go to bed every night is to creep into Nolan's room to kiss his warm-peach cheek.

"Night, night, baby," I say and sometimes he stirs, thrillingly, and mumbles in his half sleep:
"Ni, night, mommy."

Last night, he did not stir.
"Uh-oh," I thought, leaning in close to his tufts of hair,"He is stinky."

Nolan had pooped his PJs, and evidently, it was a fresh job. I wavered above him for moment. He was sound asleep, and if I woke him to change his diaper, he might not go back to sleep for hours. On the other hand, could I possibly let him slumber away in a sea of grody, grody toddler poop?

I crept to the bathroom for the necessary tools, and tried not to wake him as I pulled his legs around to face sideways, prayed he would not wake as I unsnapped the buttons around his legs. And then I prayed that he would not start kicking, or we would both be covered very rapidly in the grody, grody toddler poop.

In the end, he woke. He woke, and protested vaguely, and went back to sleep about twenty minutes later. I got lucky.

But it was a dilemma -- I seriously considered leaving it till morning rather than risk a night's worth of wide-awake hell. What do you do with a middle-of-the night, sleeping poop dilemma?

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