Scotland gets its first official 'house husband'

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Obviously there are plenty of stay-at-home dads (or "house husbands") in Scotland. However, when Alan Whyte tried to record that as his official position on his second son's birth certificate, he was met with resistance. Officials told the father he "had to put in a paid profession."

Eventually, after Whyte's insistence, he was allowed to list his real job, however -- at least according to this article -- it indicates a persistent prejudice in the UK towards men who stay at home with the kids.

That said, the piece also notes considerable gains for stay-at-home dads in Britain. Most notably, the decision by Brian Ashcroft, a high-profile professor, to leave his position in favor of raising his children -- a decision which made it easier for his wife to lead the country's Labour political party. That, coupled with statistics showing that, like in the US, UK fathers are choosing to stay home in increasing numbers, is a good sign that -- despite the social stigma -- these men are slowly being accepted by other parents.

However, notes Professor Lynn Jamieson, co-director of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, "a stay-at-home dad going into a toddlers' group for the first time, might still regard himself as something of a pioneer."

If the playgrounds here in Austin are any indication, I'd say this is still more or less true on both sides of the Atlantic.


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