The summer of drugs and alcohol

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This summer was the first that Ellie and I both got to stay home together every single day. I didn't go to an office and she didn't go to day care or summer school. I enjoyed our time together more than I thought possible and am sad that it is over. Now that she's back in school and I am home alone, I have found myself reflecting on just how we spent our time this summer - lots of fun stuff and very little learning. I guess that is how summer is supposed to be. But upon further reflection, I realize that Ellie did learn something this summer, however unintentional.

I thank Lindsey Lohan for forcing me giving me the opportunity to talk to Ellie about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It's a conversation I might have saved for later, when she was a bit older, but thanks to the widely reported exploits of this girl, Ellie now has a basic understanding of addiction and the difficulties of recovery.

I am not sure exactly how Ellie found out about Lindsay Lohan's troubles, but she did. And the look on her face as I explained what happened to her broke my heart. I know Ellie has to grow up sometime and learn about these things, and common wisdom has it that the earlier you begin these conversations, the better off your kids will be. But try as I might, I can't put a positive spin on the reality that Ellie's childlike adoration of Lindsay Lohan turned into an innocence-shattering lesson about poor parenting and bad choices.

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