My kids are always sick

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Because kindergartners in our district are eased into the schedule with a confusing assortment of half days and days off designed to give parents adrenaline heart attacks with the 'ACK! HALF DAY TODAY?! Regular?' second guessing that frequently happens when in the produce section (or maybe that's just me) today was Scott's 4th day of school.

Or it would have been, had the child been well enough to go.

Last night the sound the strikes fear into the hearts of parents everywhere sliced through the still, night air: the dreaded barking of a dying seal washed up on the shore.

There's been all sorts of research that says breastfed kids are healthier than formula babies. If it's really true, my kids wouldn't have made it past that first year. Even with nature's antibodies, someone was sick with an ear infection, croup, flu, mystery fever, malaria, bubonic plague, or some sort of undiagnosable illness a good portion of the time. And there is nothing more annoying than a family member asking, "So how are the boys?" and having that followed by loud sighing and helpful reminders that, "You guys are ALWAYS sick!" (Thanks! Between the cleaning up of bodily fluids and pushing of liquids and monitoring of medications, I hadn't even noticed!)

So if anyone asks, we're all FINE. Couldn't be better! Thanks for asking!

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