Time or money?

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I came across a fascinating statistic about Canadians. According to the results of a poll released yesterday, nearly half of Canadians would take a twenty percent pay-cut in exchange for twenty percent more time off to spend with their families. Women were slightly more likely (42% versus 38%) to choose the time off as were younger folks (a little over half, versus about a third of baby boomers).

This is something I've pondered in the past, deciding that as long as I can pay the bills, more time is far more valuable to me. I would happily trade a raise for additional vacation, were I given the option. Spending time with Rachel and the kids is definitely better than making a bit more money. I know some people need their time away from their families and enjoy and value their work; I'm just not one of them.

What about you? Would you give up some income in exchange for more time? Would you pass up a raise if you could have additional vacation time instead?

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