Starbuck's admits to marketing to kids

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My older two children love Starbuck's, as in looooove. And why not? The drinks are sweet, topped with whipped cream and leave them bouncing off the walls. This is why I go to all ends of the earth to avoid the place. My children get enough sugar during the day as it is, their energy levels are through the roof at any time of the day and I don't need to shell out $4.75 for more sugar or hyperactivity. I used to think it was just me who had an issue with Starbuck's but apparently I am not alone. It turns out the company actually markets to kids.

In the past the company has denied that children are part of their demographic. However, just recently the coffee chain has admitted that children are indeed part of their client base. Now wanting to be seen as caffeine pushers to the young, the Starbuck's marketing department is considering just how to handle this possible PR nightmare. Currently the only child-type items on the menus are warm, flavored milk or hot chocolate. I don't know many children who would settle for those drinks when they cold have a venti Caramel Frapucinno topped with whipped cream. the caffeine content of which far outnumbers that of a can of Pepsi or Coke.

For my part I will continue to steer my brood away from Starbuck's, the impact on my pocketbook and dealing with their energy levels is just not worth the latte for me.

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