Electronic monopoly?

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Hey--guess what I just found out? We have electronic monopoly! Ok, so I know there was a version out in the 80's that rolled the dice for you and that kind of thing, but this one is more like an electronic banking system--there's no paper money involved! Instead of cash players use plastic cards.

Maybe my excitement over this product--which apparently has been out elsewhere for over a year now but has just now appeared in the U.S. ... or on my television screen, anyway--makes me a sucker, but who cares? I'm nostalgic for monopoly, so the resurgance of its popularity makes me feel like a kid all over again.

And speaking of kids, won't this new version, which comes complete with debit card-like plastic cards instead of money, perhaps teach children about banking?

Or, maybe not. But it will keep the sneaky ones from stealing/hiding all the $500 bills. Either way, it's an opportunity to hang out with your kids, play a game you know and love, and maybe even teach them a little something about money. If you can get them to stop fighting over who gets to be the little silver car.

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