Parents sue daycare over thumbtack punishment

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Throughout Christy's childhood, she attended a number of different daycare centers. Some where small, independent operations and others were national chains. For reasons that don't make sense even to me, I always felt more comfortable when she was in the care of one of the larger chains. I guess I assumed that because they were large companies, they had better resources to do thorough background checks and teacher training.

But, as this story points out, bigger does not mean better. At a Children's World Learning Center in Addison, Texas, a daycare provider has been accused of using thumbtacks as punishment. As in sticking thumbtacks into the skin of misbehaving children. Brandon Medlock Sr. and Katrina Perkins have filed a lawsuit claiming their 2-year-old son Brandon was abused in this way by his teacher. "We'd notice little scars on his back, but we never did think that our son was getting tortured at a daycare facility," said Medlock Sr.

The family's lawyer, Jeff Rasansky, said, "This is one of the most egregious cases of employee misconduct and day care center abuse that I've ever seen."

That day care center is now a KinderCare Learning Center, but still owned by the same company - Knowledge Learning Corporation of Portland, Oregon. And this isn't the first time the day care has been accused of inappropriate behavior - since January of 2006, the center has been cited 39 times, four of those involving the improper use of corporal punishment.

My heart goes out to this family and any others who may have been abused - or witnessed abuse - at that day care center. The parents of this boy say he is fine physically, but is now distrustful of teachers. No doubt this child will carry the emotional burden of that abuse for a long time.

I can't help but wonder if the day care centers' previous citations could have been discovered by the parents before they enrolled their son. Is this sort of information easily available to parents looking into day care providers?

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