Does your husband go to strip clubs?

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In a 2004 interview, Trudie Styler, wife of musician Sting, said that she and her husband had visited sex clubs together and participated in wife swapping. She later claimed to have been joking, but I am not sure I believe her. After Sting was photographed leaving a well-known brothel in Hamburg, Germany Wednesday, his publicist was quoted as saying "Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have always been open about their interest in strip clubs. I do not know whether he went to this club. However I would not be surprised if he went. It is nothing he would be ashamed of."

My husband does not visit strip bars. If he did, he would not live to tell about it. But I do know quite a few happily married women who have no problem with their husbands visiting strip clubs, topless bars, whatever you want to call them. They don't join them on these little adventures, but stand at the door with their children and cheerfully send them off to get drunk and ogle nearly naked women.

I don't judge these couples - if they are happy, good for them. But some of them judge me for my distaste of the whole strip club thing. They assume I must be jealous or mistrustful of my husband. But the fact is that I find the whole scenario disrespectful - to women in general and me in particular. If my husband wants to look at half-naked ladies, that's what cable television is for. I am not the only one, right? Does your husband visit strip clubs with your blessing?

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