Why am I doing freshman science write-ups when I am 37?

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For the past eight years my son has attended a Waldorf school. It was a wonderful education and one that suited him well during his early years. Now he is in a mainstream public high school and our lives have changed drastically. Please note how I used the pronoun we in that sentence. See, in Waldorf there was virtually no homework. Sure the kids learned but it was an altogether different approach to education; our nights and weekends were mostly free from any assignments.

Now that my son is in a regular school there is homework every night. Every night. I know this is standard for most schools, but after an eight year hiatus from homework it comes as a bit of a shock to the system for both of us. Thus far I have been reintroduced to math story problems about trains traveling on different schedules to different towns only to have used the same amount of fuel. I have been enlightened about just why a flame seems to suck water into a glass vessel when cut off from outside oxygen. I get to be an editor and a wall for idea bouncing. I would sometimes rather be sleeping or recovering from a day spent with a three year-old, but my oldest son is excited about his new learning schedule and that is a good thing. So while I am a bit tired by the end of the week, I'm not complaining too much. Well, maybe just a little....

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