Are you more Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray?

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The other day my husband, mother-in-law and I were discussing Rachel Ray. Actually, we were discussing the new season of her cooking show, 30 Minute Meals. We noted that Rachel seemed to lack her usual pizazz and looked tired. She just didn't seem to really be focused on what she was doing or care.

As you may know, Rachel has a lot more on her plate than 30 Minute Meals. She has other shows on the Food Network, stints on even more shows on that channel, and her own talk show on another channel. Plus she has her own magazine.

We don't think Rachel is getting too big for her britches, but it does seem like she's stretched quite thin. I think I said something about Rachel becoming the next Martha Stewart and my MIL didn't seem to like that idea--she thought it would be a shame.

I'm not sure why as we didn't get into the conversation, but I have a feeling my MIL isn't enamored of the Martha Stewart empire. Practically everywhere you look, Martha is there.

Now, I'm gonna let you know right this second that I may not love Martha Stewart but I adore her magazine Living. I read it and fantasize about actually having the time to do any of the stuff mentioned in its fabulously laid out pages. I have actually made several of Martha's recipes and they've turned out quite good, but they took the better part of an afternoon to accomplish.

Which brings me back to Rachel Ray. I've tried a few of her recipes as well. Her whole point is that no one has time to cook anymore, so why not whittle everything down to simple components and whip something out in a half an hour? It can be done. Sure it lacks the flare and nuance of a lot of Martha's recipes, but that's the point: you get circumstance without the pomp!

The same could be said of their magazines, and pretty much everything else about them. I like them both and think each have their place. Do I think Rachel could turn into the next Martha? Maybe, maybe not. It looks like Rachel might not be able to handle one more thing, which Martha's empire grows as I write this.

Also, even when things get sticky for Martha, you never see her sweat. Ever. Yet some would say she lacks a soul, that Martha isn't down to earth or approachable, whereas Rachel is all those and a bag of chips.

Is it better to be one more than the other? Is it better to be like one over the other? Who's to say? Well, you--I ask you, dear readers, what you think about all of this.

For those of us who find ourselves busy with kids and work and personal lives and everything else, I can see the appeal of Rachel. Yet I bet more of us than want to admit it aspire to be like Martha.


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