GamerDad low on health points

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The GamerDad website has been mentioned a few times around here in the past and I'm sure there are a lot of parents who look to the site for the latest in gaming news and reviews, especially from a parent's point of view. Unfortunately, the latest news is that GamerDad has had a heart attack. Actually, he's had a couple of them.

GamerDad's mission in life is "using videogames as learning tools, social enhancers, and in providing parents with the most accurate information possible," writes his wife. That's what he's done for the last four years with his website. He has also "appeared as a spokesman, and in countless newspapers, magazine articles, and radio programs defending gaming with your kids - or at least that being involved is means good parenting."

Unfortunately, it looks like he needs more surgery. Stop on by to send your best wishes or, as GamerMom says, "Wish us luck, and pop in a few extra quarters. We need all the Extra Lives we can get!" I we are all rooting for him!


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