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I can't seem to get my deposit back from another daycare. When I first started looking into daycares for my five month old son so I could return to work, I knew that I'd be putting down a deposit for a post at at least on location. In order to hold the spot, you've got to pay up, even if the kid won't be in daycare for months.

So I did the right thing and secured my spot at daycare number one. As you'll recall from other posts I wasn't 100% safe and secure in leaving my son there. They weren't licensed, and, although the staff seemed friendly and nice, they weren't as clean or as organized as I would've liked.

Well, it's a good thing I trusted my instincts. (My initial instinct was to cry at the thought of leaving him there.) Now they are refusing to return my deposit, which was over $1,000. I can only imagine how things would've been given my initial reaction to the place and now the complete lack of professionalism on the part of the director with regards to returning my deposit.

We've called her several times, emailed her, the whole nine yards. Basically she's being unresponsive and holding our money hostage. I might add that I still don't have a full-time paycheck and that we were living off one paycheck for quite a while. In other words, $1,000 might not seem like a lot to some people, but to me and my husband it very much is.

I'm very tempted to call New York One and let them handle it. I don't think she would appreciate the poor publicity. Up to this point I've refrained from badmouthing her business to other parents and would-be customers. I don't feel that's necessary or ethical.

I do feel, however, that I deserve my money back and an explanation as to why it's more than a month overdue me. She should be thankful I haven't devised a way to charge her interest.

Personally, I think she doesn't run her business that well or is spread too thin (she operates several daycares) and isn't organized enough to get things done on time. I also think she may not have the money. If she would just tell me that instead of stalling, putting me off, ignoring me, etc. I think we'd all be better off.

We feel like the mob calling to collect--and we don't want to feel that way. We just want our money back. That was the deal--she doesn't get to keep my deposit just for fun.

So, what else to do? Should I call in a third party or keep harassing her via phone and email until she pays up? I don't really relish the thought of doing either.

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