All the hipsters wanna be parents

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When Neal Pollack's book about raising your kid to love the Pixies was featured in seemingly every media outlet in America, followed by an nigh-on endless string of posts by nasal-gazing parent bloggers (myself included) about "grupsters," or hipster parenting, or whatever (nevermind the onslaught of celebrity couples birthing and/or adopting legions of children), I started to form a theory. In short, I'm beginning to suspect that having kids is trendier than not.

Therefore, contrary to what you might think -- where haggard parents, out-of-touch with pop culture due to jobs, demanding schedules, and fatigue, covet the life of free-wheeling, childless scenesters -- now it's just the opposite. Today's trendsetters yearn for a time when they, too, can change diapers -- if only so they can complain about how cool they would be were they not spending their days mired in baby poop. Oh, the irony.

This is probably wishful thinking, but it does explain how this man's photo would end up on The Sartorialist -- one of the world's most influential street fashion blogs.

The only thing that would make that man cooler is a real-live baby.


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