Peekaru solves the coat/baby carrier dilemma

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Winter is right around the corner (at least I HOPE it is, because I'm ready) which means that it's time to think about how to keep the baby warm when you run to the grocery or take the dog for a walk or stroll over to the coffee shop. I always used a complicated system of wearing my coat and wrapping the baby's carrier in a blanket, or wearing my husband's fleece jacket and zipping it over the baby and the carrier. Neither system worked very well, though; the blanket fell off and the big borrowed jacket never fit properly over the carrier.

I wish I'd had a Peekaru carrier cover. Designed like a fleece vest, the Peekaru is specifically sized to cover parent AND baby, each in their own little space. The Peekaru is made of recycled fleece, and comes with a high collar and a long hem, to keep the wind and cold at bay. Wear it for fall on its own, or for winter under a coat. If you're going to be out walking with the baby this winter, this is a great solution to the carrier/coat dilemma.

Available in five colors, in men's and women's sizes small to 3XL, for $79.95.

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