Skip Hop Playspot Interlocking Foam Tiles

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Around my son's ninth month, I started the search for a floor covering to help cushion his stunt-like falls on the hardwood floors in our main living space. I set out with two goals: not to sacrifice our home's contemporary style and to find the safest, non-toxic products available. I had no idea what a tall order this would be!

Unfortunately, most of the foam floor covering I found was loud, to say the least. The extremely bright, primary colors and shapes started to give me a headache. Don't get me wrong - they would look fine in a playroom, just not in our main living space where we enjoy catering to people whose diet doesn't solely consist of strained peas and milk.

Enter Skip Hop's new interlocking foam tiles. These tiles are fun and playful, while still complementing a contemporary home's design. Most importantly, they are made of non-toxic EVA foam, which has been designed, tested and manufactured for children of all ages.

Now, when my son chooses to perform swan dives off the furniture, he can land on a non-toxic, comfortable and visually appealing mat. Sign me up.

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