Army Sergeant makes it to daughter's birth -- the hard way

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It must really suck to be in the military and get deployed overseas when your wife is pregnant. Unfortunately, I'm sure that happens altogether far too often, especially these days. I was lucky enough to be there for the birth of both of my kids, but a lot military folk are not so fortunate. Staff Sargeant Sergeant Leonard Day was one of the lucky ones. Sort of.

Day's daughter was due to be born in September, but he wasn't expecting to meet her until he got leave in February. That was before a vehicle he riding in in Afghanistan hit a roadside bomb and the shrapnel hit the fan. Actually, the shrapnel hit Sgt. Day, sending him to a hospital in Germany. His wife came from Italy, where he was stationed, to be with him. That, however, meant that she was in Germany and too close to her due date to return home.

Senior military officials worked things out so that Mrs. Day could have her baby in Germany and her husband could be with her. "It really helped out to not be apart during the birthing," she said. While no one ever wishes for anyone to be injured, it seems to have worked out okay in this instance. I wish both mom and dad a speedy recovery!

Thanks to Ann Adams for pointing out my spelling error - Sergeant just doesn't look right no matter how you spell it.

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