Confessions of a klutyz mom: I was never a slinger

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I am the first to admit I am not exactly a graceful person.

I fall going up stairs, trip on invisible obstacles, and have no fewer than three fresh bruises every single day. I have given myself a bloody lip at Target using only a T-shirt on a hanger. I am the McGuyver of personal injury.

So my apprehension with using anything other than my own two arms or a infant car seat with handle to transport my babies from Point A to Point B was understandable.

Front packs, back packs had too much potential for head injury and slings seemed too complicated. So I walked as slowly and carefully as possible and carried my babies. I reasoned if I were going down, it'd be safer to toss the kid out of the way than to land on them like a tiny airbag strapped to my chest or back.

But seeing mothers wearing happy infants (like Keri Russell with baby River!) in pouches like baby kangaroos make me wish I'd given the sling thing a try.

If nothing else, it's an adorably, functional way to disguise post-part um stomach pooch.

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