Sick with a toddler

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It had just become quiet in Nolan's room, finally. Two hours of "mo book, one mo book,den dat's it, I promit." He never keeps his promises, though, and we must have read twenty books before his eyes faded.

I sat down at the glowing blue light of my computer and my stomach felt faintly nauseous, and as I opened my word processor I wondered idly whether I'd remembered to eat that day. Yes, I had. Chili for lunch. Oooh. Ughh. Chili.

It came suddenly. I sprinted to the bathroom at full force, didn't quite make it, apologized profusely to the sink. Gross. Realizing, suddenly, that I was shaking, I wrapped myself in a duvet and lay down on my bed. Just for a minute. But ten minutes later I was pouring sweat and bolting for the bathroom again. And again.

I don't know whether it was a stomach flu or food poisoning (because the word "chili" still makes me want to heave) but it was bad. The next day I felt like eighty-year-old jello wedged on sticks. A rotten jello-person who nevertheless had child-tending duties.

Nolan took it easy on me, a little. He slept in till almost 7:00, and only got up once in the night. In the morning, he allowed me to cover him with a blanket and sit beside him fitfully, stroking his hair and watching Toopy and Binou. He didn't try to force me to ride on his scooter or play cars with him, and for that I'm endlessly grateful.

Sick used to be kind of nice, in a way. It meant a day off work, to curl up in bed, to relax and feel the cold of pillow fabric all day long. But with a kid, there's an elevated panic to it -- I can't look after my toddler when I'm unable to look after myself. I can't cook him dinner when I can't look at food without wanting to toss every cookie I've ever ingested.

I've been drinking gingerale like mad, but would love to know - what are your get-better-quick remedies? I'm willing to try them all.

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