Time for the Mickey Doctor

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Jared has a stuffed Mickey Mouse that he loves. In fact, he almost loves it too much. After several years, Mickey is showing his age. At one point, we thought we'd lost him at the Jewish Home where we hang out, but a frantic trip all the way back found him sitting on the bench right where Jared left him. After that, I went on eBay to find another one, just in case. Well, now, I think it's time.

As we were winding down and getting ready for bed, I asked if he thought Mickey would like to go to the Mickey doctor and get all fixed up. I pointed to the repair where his scarf had come loose from his sweater and had been sewn up by Jared's aunt. I noted the strings hanging from his hands where the decorative stitching had detached. He agreed, but I could see the tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of being apart from his beloved Mickey.

I promised him that Mickey would be back before he got home from school, good as new. He asked if Mickey would like it and I said he would, that I'd even make sure they gave Mickey some ice cream. He told me that Mickey doesn't like ice cream -- his tone implying that even someone as dense as I should know such a basic fact of the universe. So I asked what he would like. He held Mickey close and said that Mickey would like a cookie. I think that can be arranged.

This is turning into a much bigger deal than I expected; I sure hope he doesn't read this before he gets older. Still, I think he'll be happy to have Mickey back to his old nearly-new self and I, for one, will be glad to have him cleaned up. Of course, I don't think we'll ever really get rid of the original. Would you?

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