A plea to my toddler - don't drop your morning nap!

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My son has been a great sleeper, whether it be daily naps or overnight sleep. Sure, he might fuss for a couple minutes when I put him down, but I can count on two 1-2 hour naps every day.

These naps are important to me, as I'm sure most other parents, because it allows me to complete chores around the house, finish daily tasks, and let's face it, accrue some ME time. Can I get an AMEN?

Unfortunately, this last week has been filled with some sort of pseudo-nap hybrid. It goes like this - I put him down and he's perfectly quiet. Ten minutes later he suddenly starts playfully screeching, followed by a prompt morphing into Level Ten exorcist baby.

What's going on? Teething? The lawn mower? I immediately pulled out my Toddler 411 book, which states that your toddler drops their second nap (usually the morning one) somewhere between twelve and twenty months. If he truly is dropping the nap, he's on the early end of the spectrum at 13 months old. LUCKY ME.

When did your baby start taking one nap a day? (Please tell me they were 2 years old, just like he will be once he gets back on track. Please.)

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