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Many of you may remember a little show called Sex in the City. Those of us who watched may remember Kristin Davis' character, Charlotte, was unable to conceive. She jumped through numerous hoops and even tried IVF, which didn't work. Eventually, her marriage suffered for it--although Charlotte ended up living with and raising puppies with her lawyer.

According to Perez Hilton, who seems to get exclusive digs on such things, in the upcoming SATC movie Charlotte finds herself in a family way. The movie, much like Charlotte's pregnancy, may have never happened, yet here it is upon us. Who knows how Charlotte gets knocked up, or if it's even true, but I'm sort of interested in this turn of events from a psychological standpoint.

Were there women viewers who were unable to conceive that identified with Charlotte? How will those women feel now, when in the la la land of television a woman who was ok with not having kids suddenly becomes pregnant? or, why couldn't Charlotte adopt?

It's weird when you really stop to think about it. Why did the Charlotte character need to have a baby? Miranda had a baby--wasn't that enough? Of course it's natural to think that a female character would want a baby and would go to whatever lengths to get one, but why not have a strong female character who decided not to have kids?

Or, better yet, one who had to deal with the reality that she could not conceive? So many women in the real world must live with that every day of their lives. I wish life were more like television so all of them could be magically pregnant.

Just think about it, that's all I'm saying. And yes, I admit it--I watched the show (first few seasons anyway) and am generally excited about the Sex in the City movie.

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