Is there a way to make a neighbor's dog stop barking?

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Say you live in highly residential neighborhood. Houses are tucked in close to one another. Lots are .1 acres. Say that you and the neighbors in question have nothing in common. Say they keep the abandoned hulks of old cars in their yard, while you keep chrysanthemums and sunflowers in yours.

Say that you have a neighbor whose dog yips and howls plaintively all day and all night. No exaggeration. Say you stroll past your neighbor's house and see that the dog is tied on a short lead, but there is a dog house near by, and it has water. The dog is skinny but not terribly so. It's just deprived for love. What do you do?

Or say you live in a rural neighborhood. Say you adore these neighbors because they will dig you out of a snow drift if you get stuck, and let your kid pet their ponies. But say their dog barks. Every night. All night. What do you do?

Really, is there anything you can do? Because Valium spiked hot dogs have begun to sound better and better.

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