Mickey comes home from the doctor

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So I left the new Mickey out for Jared to find when he came home from school. He walked in, spotted Mickey on his desk, and ran and grabbed him. He gave him a big hug and proceeded to dance around the room with him. He was, admittedly, a bit confused about the two Nilla wafers that were next to where Mickey had been sitting -- I explained that Mickey had gotten a cookie from the doctor and had asked if he could bring one home for Jared and Sara. Jared liked that and ran to give his sister her cookie.

I think the operation -- in both the medical and espionage sense of the word -- was a complete success. Mickey is now clean and fully stuffed, with no loose threads or missing details. As for the original? Safely tucked away in the box in which the new Mickey had been hiding. Yes, someday, perhaps when he is about to have children of his own, we'll give it to him and tell him the whole story. That is, of course, if he hasn't already read about it here by then.

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