Melanie Brown accused of abandoning her children

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Planning a wedding can be stressful under the best of circumstances. With all those details to attend to, some things are bound to be forgotten. And when the ceremony is a rush job, the chances of something slipping through the cracks is even greater. But even the most stressed out bride wouldn't forget her kids, would she? According to Tonia Lamere, Melanie Brown did.

Lamere is a housekeeper who was working for the former Spice Girl when she married Stephen Belafonte. According to Lamere, when Brown took off for Vegas for the nuptials, she left behind 8-year-old Phoenix Chi and 2-month-old Iris Angel. "One evening of baby-sitting turned into four days! The child was sick, there was no nanny, and when Mel called she never even asked about the baby," Lamere tells Star magazine.

Of course, Brown denies the allegations and her rep claims this is a case of the housekeeper looking to make some money by spreading lies. "Melanie is a hands-on mother completely dedicated to the upbringing of her children and the well-being of her entire family. Any fictitious accusations to the contrary stem from greedy people looking to make a buck."

My question is this: how is Lamere making money from from the story? Did Star magazine pay her? I guess that's possible, but otherwise something is amiss here.

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