Twinkle Kids' Handmade Twinkle Cake

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I love the idea of cooking and baking. The fresh produce, the smells coming from the kitchen, the decadent desserts. Unfortunately with my time constraints, the closest I'll ever come to creating a culinary feast is watching Top Chef.

Well, look out inner pastry chef! How about designing a cake without all of the time and mess? Have you seen Twinkle Kids' Twinkle Cake?

The Twinkle Cake is an interactive cake design kit made entirely of felt. The kit includes over 50 "fondant" decorations that magically stick to the three "iced" tiers for endless design possibilities. Plus, Twinkle Kids also sells additional design packs for hours of creative fun.

Now, I can be the best cake decorator on the block! (Oh wait. This is supposed to be a review for children.) What I meant to say is that YOUR CHILD can be the best pastry chef on the block!

(Unless, you know, they need help decorating. Or something. Call me.)

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