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I used to be a big lipstick lady -- I loved Mac and all its incantations of peachy pink. Pre-Nolan, I'm fairly certain I never left the house without lipstick, unless I was going for a run.

Now, not so much. I do usually take the time to put on a little mascara and a dollop of blush but I tend to skip the lipstick because I kiss Nolan's head so much. It smells so good and pure and it's become almost like a feel-good nervous tic: I smooch his head when I take him out of his car seat, I inhale and mug his hair when I lean over the grocery cart. And so lipstick is not practical.

A few summers ago, Karen Walrond was here in Vancouver visiting relatives, and I met up with her on our city's shopping street. She introduced me to Kiehl's, and I've been addicted since. I went in there yesterday, in fact, to stop in again and get some Mama friendly lip colour.

Kiehl's makes this awesome tinted lip balm that colors your lips a very subtle pink or darker reddish-pink while providing SPF protection and softness. Besides making my very dry lips feel silky, the stuff provides colour so pretty that it looks like lip gloss. And I have no idea why, but it stays on for the kisses.

So, my new lipstick is kind of a balm -- not as matte as before, but it keeps me feeling polished and still lets me bestow ten million and three kisses a day on my tow-headed son, which is the most important thing.


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