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This past weekend I had the good fortune of getting out of the house to attend a friend's wedding. Bright and early Saturday morning my husband and I rented a zip car, packed up our nearly six-month-old baby and his various accoutrement and headed out for the 36-mile journey to Long Island. And it went much better than I thought it would!

First of all, we actually made it to the wedding ,with plenty of time to spare. The last two weddings in the NY metro area I've tried to attend I've missed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control. To avoid the rule of three we left extra early.

Even though the Map Quest directions advised the trip would take less than 50 minutes we left two hours in advance. After all, we were heading into unknown territory, don't drive very often, and had an infant in tow. Plus we needed time to get bagels and coffee. None of us have slept properly in a week and it was really starting to catch up with us.

Before that I managed to fit rather nicely into a dress I got for my birthday last year before I became pregnant. In other words, I fit into something pre-pregnancy. It was lovely. I also managed, in my hectic running/working/new mommy/NYC living life to remember to bring home the right shoes for the occasion.

All three of us cleaned up rather well. Daddy bought a new tie, I fit into my entire ensemble (even wearing the Mother's Day pearls Daddy gave me for my first Mother's day), and the baby finally fit into this adorable striped shirt and tan pants outfit our dear friends gave us.

We hit no traffic to speak of, and Mr. Pickles even took a nice nap on the way to the wedding. We arrived with a little less than an hour to spare--just enough time to feed him (I brought my boobs, two bottles of breastmilk and a bottle of formula just in case) and get him changed before the big event.

We remembered at the last minute it was an outdoor wedding (my favorite kind). Regardless, we chose to sit in the very back in case Mercer decided to test out the new squeal he's learned in the past few weeks or go to the bathroom, which has been more of a challenge since he started solids.

Sitting in the back on the aisle also gave us the best possible view of the lovely bride as she glided past us, a vision in white. Although the pregnancy hormones are basically out of my body I cried a little anyway. The bride was crying and her mother was crying and therefore so was everyone else.

Mercer was a jewel the entire time. My husband held him in case he needed to make a quick escape so I could still watch the ceremony, which was lovely. Mercer cooed a bit but other than that you wouldn't have known a baby was attending the wedding. Well, except for the fuss everyone I knew was making over him.

Several folks from my old job were there, and we all had a really good time enjoying each other, catching up, and playing with the baby, who was on much better behavior than when I took him to the office this past summer.

I can't say I could have asked for it to go any other way. Later, the bride's mother even mentioned to me how excited her daughter was that Mercer was attending the wedding. That made us all feel great--I mean, we'd asked, and my friend had been game (she too is a jewel), but neither my husband or I knew how it would go and whether or not we'd made the right choice until she sad that.

Should everyone bring their children to weddings? I don't know. I think it depends on the child. I knew from my travels with Mercer this past summer that generally he does quite well. Also, he's very social and usually enjoys interacting with people.

We took a chance and made provisions in case things didn't work out. Planning ahead always makes things more enjoyable, as did giving ourselves plenty of time, packing everything we could possibly need and getting all the work done in advance so we could enjoy the event and others could--and did--enjoy our son.

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