Buzz and Woody's worst nightmare nearly comes true

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For the past six months or so we have had a daily feature of Toy Story or Toy Story 2 at our house. My three year-old, Devon, loves the Toy Story gang and one movie per day enables me to get some work or laundry done. Devon has Woody and Buzz dolls that accompany us everywhere we go. Everywhere. In the car, to his brother's soccer games, to the doctor, in his crib. If by chance one of the two goes missing, the house comes to a complete standstill until they are located. I love both stories and rank them near to the top of just about any children's story in existence. However, the other day I thought we might add a bit of variety to our lives and I checked out a copy of Cars from the library. I didn't think it would be a life altering choice for our home, just something different. Boy was I wrong.

For the past few days I have heard an almost constant demand of, "Can we watch Cars agaaaaiiiin? Puh-lease, Mai-Mai?" All of our toys were emptied out as Devon searched, and successfully located, an old fast food Mater truck and an empty Lightening McQueen bubble bath container. Then he found a Cars T-shirt his father had recently bought for him. These items came with us everywhere. For a couple of days Buzz and Woody languished in Devon's crib. Then they were assigned to the bathroom counter. I felt really bad for the sheriff and the space ranger. They had been Devon's constant companions and entertainment for so long, only to be easily replaced. It seemed like a heart breaking scene from one of their movies.

Last night Devon had a complete meltdown, the kind that is born out of too much activity and not enough sleep. He cried from his crib after I tucked him in for the night. He needed Buzz and Woody in order to "feel safe". I easily located them and handed them to him. He stopped crying, smiled and said, "Hey guys, where you been? I am missing you1" Then he snuggled up and fell peacefully to sleep. Today his new gang has accompanied him everywhere: Buzz, Woody, Lightening and Mater. He needs a tote bag for transporting them all, but he seems happy with the merging of casts.

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